Online Test Series

Online GATE Test Series Program
The GATE coach Online Test Series is designed to help you in experience exact GATE like interface. Benchmark yourself against other GATE Aspirant in examinations. The Gate Coach test series is India's best Online test series for GATE exam. 113 questions matched with actual GATE exam. Know your strengths & weakness to improve your performance. Subject wise and chapter wise, full length test GATE mock tests available.

Open Test Series is held at ECGs campus and especially designed to teach methodology or technique to appear in the GATE and other competitive/PSUs exams. Test series consists of set of important questions designed by our R&D department (not only from previous papers). It may help students to enhance their examination skills with a dense competitive environment.
Although, with Test Series students can practice many important questions and they taught, how to do time management in examination. The explanation of tests will be conducted on the same day. It helps to student for clearing doubts and building their concepts. Printed solutions for each test will be provided to the students.

Features of Test Series :-
  • 3 Fold (Levels) Test Series: Basic level, Advanced Level and Toppers Level
  • Basic level will include 15 subject wise and 10 full length Tests
  • Advanced level will include 12 subject wise, 3 combined subjects and 10 full length Tests
  • Toppers Level will include 10 Full Length Tests
  • All tests are based on GATE Exam Pattern
  • Separate Mathematics Test
  • Separate General Aptitude Test
  • Separate Full length Test
  • Same Day Test Discussion
  • Online detailed solutions

No. of Questions:
  • 40 for Subject wise Test
  • 50 for Combined Subjects Test
  • 65 for Full length Test
Note: The students will get 40 x (15 12) 50 x 3 65 x (10 10 10) = 3180 quality questions just from test series.
Test Duration:
  • 1.5 - 2 hrs for Subject wise Test
  • 3 hrs for Full length Test

Note: The fee structure of the course may or (may not) vary without any prior notice. To know more about the commencement of course and their schedule visit our website or call us 
@ 91-9873452122

Available streams for GATE online Test Series

  • Chemical Engineering (CH)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Electronics & Communication (EC)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • Instrumentation Engineering (IN)
  • Computer Science Engineering (CS)
  • Engineering Sciences (XE)

Fee Structure for this Course:
test series(GATE)-2015-16Chemical EngineeringRs. 2000
test series(GATE)-2015-16Civil EngineeringRs. 2000
test series(GATE)-2015-16Computer ScienceRs. 2000
test series(GATE)-2015-16Electrical EngineeringRs. 2000
test series(GATE)-2015-16Electronics & Communication EngineeringRs. 2000
test series(GATE)-2015-16Information technologysRs. 2000
test series(GATE)-2015-16Instrumentation EngineeringRs. 2000
test series(GATE)-2015-16Mechanical EngineeringRs. 2000
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