1 What is The Gate Coach pen- drive course ?
The Gate Coach pen- drive course provided by gate coach contains a set of two pen-drives - 128 GB and 64 GB.
  • 128 GB pen-drive has 7-8 subjects and 64 GB has remaining subjects.
  • These Pen-drives contain full syllabus of GATE as per the branch, in the recorded form.
  • It has collection of best recorded lectures by The Gate Coach faculty.
  • Some of the recorded subjects may be of this year or previous year, depends on the best quality.
  • Pen drive also contains a video with installation instructions and the software required for installation process.
2 What is The Gate Coach Online course ?
The Gate Coach online is the access of live & recorded lectures of Classes from Delhi Centre-
  • You can have the access of current session live classes of a batch.
  • You can ask any number of doubts during the course.
  • You can attend online lectures as per your choice of topics.
  • Other than the Gate syllabus, you can also attend online video lectures on previous year gate solutions and what should be this year’s gate strategy, motivational video etc.
3 How do I install my The Gate Coach pen- drive ?
  • First of all you have to connect the pen-drive provided by The Gate Coach to your system.
  • Copy the software and installation folder in your system.
  • Check your window that if it is of 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • And now you can install the software according to your system.
  • When installation completed then enter your user name and password.
  • And again you need to enter user name, password and activation key.
4 Which operating system supports The Gate Coach pen- drive ?
Window 7, window 8, window 10 will support The Gate Coach pen- drive.
5 Till when the content of The Gate Coach pen- drive/ The Gate Coach online is valid ?
It is valid till next Gate exam for all those students who are in their B Tech final year or finally B Tech Pass out. For Second & Third year B Tech students, if they apply for The Gate Coach Online / Pen drive course, it will remain valid till they will reach in their final year.
6 Can I install The Gate Coach pen- drive on multiple system ?
Yes you can install it on multiple systems, but activation key is only used once, so you will not be able to access the data on another system.
7 What if I format my computer ?
If you format your computer, you will not be able to access the data, in that case you can contact our support team
  • Mr. Lalaji Gedam - 9999793844.
  • Mr Harsh Tomar - 9873452122
8 Do I require any login credentials to access The Gate Coach pen- drive ?
Yes, you need to enter your login credentials, while installing The Gate Coach pen- drive. You will have to enter these login credentials only once. After payment you will receive a welcome mail. You may refer to your welcome mail where you will find all the required details
9 Is internet is required to install The Gate Coach pen- drive ?
Internet connection is required, but only once, and that is to activate your user id.
1 Does the test series contain any predefine schedule.
Yes test series has predefined schedule and that is available on our blog – bestgateiescoaching.com. After registering for test series on our website, link of test and login id and password will be provided by the institute by mail. On clicking on that link you can see the schedule of each test.
2 When will the online test series begin ?
It will be available from 1st week of June. Test portal is- http://test.thegatecoach.com/Default.aspx
3 What do we need to access these tests ?
First of all you need to register on our website (thegatecoach.com). You can also call on 9873452122 / 9971139774 for registration and more information about it. Then link of test series and login id and password will be sent by the institute on your mail. Clicking on that link and entering user id and password you will be eligible to attend the provided tests.
4 When can I take the test series ?
Test portal is- - http://test.thegatecoach.com/Default.aspx
Once the tests are available on the portal you can attend them anytime till the Gate exam.
5 Can I download these test papers ?
No, you cannot download these test papers.
6 Will I get the solutions of the problems asked in the online test ?
Yes, after submitting the test you can view your result and detailed solution of the problem.
7 How would be the feedback provided on the online test performance.
As soon as you submit the test a detailed report is generated where you may check your performance, your rank and comparative analysis of your result with other students.
1 After login to online live class, I see the message there is no live class going on ?
It indicates, currently there is no Live Class going on. You may wish to check class schedule at "gatecoach.com"
2 Will all my questions will answered ?
The faculty attempts to answer all the questions in the time given. However the questions must be relevant and should pertain to the current class. So yes, within reasonable limits, all your questions will be answered.